Models Start
We will tell you how fashion works from inside and will help you to find a job in this new world
You want to become a model but you do not know from where to start
You already have some model background but you do not know how to develop and whether it is worth it or not
You love fashion and want to work in this sphere but you do not know how to start
You are not a model but you would like to work on your confidence, develop communication skills and reveal your potential
Main goals
Open new opportunities for job offers in fashion
Make a campaign against modeling illiteracy
Assisting in entering international market with publishing in foreign magazines
Assisting in changing and developing personal style
Change the way of living and turn sport into habit
Raise self-esteem and solve eating disorder issues
The way we communicate
- private telegram chat where anyone can ask questions 24/7
- daily lectures in video and word formats
- private instagram account with visual insider information
Full course
80 $
Individual consultation
swot-analysis on chosen theme
50 $

Phone: +7 (916) 251-55-14 Darya Kashirina
/ +1 (929) 305-4708 ; +7 (916) 416 - 79 -92 Aleksandra Sergeeva


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